Routes And Maps

All routes start and finish at the Karkloof Country Club and are graded in accordance with IMBA’s guidelines. Each section of trail within the routes has a unique name. Want to watch some footage of riders on these trails? Visit to watch episodes 1 & 2 of Keeping the Trail Alive. Just remember to turn off the HD functionality!

7km Forestry Road Trail

This trail runs mostly along forestry road, and is perfect for children who are ready to move onto the trails, novices and families wanting a leisurely ride. There are some short sections of non-technical (green) single track that thread riders through short sections of trees.

85% Forestry Road/15% Easy Single Track

15km Falls Trail

A firm favourite with people who want a fun, adventurous mixture of single track features, the 15km Falls Loop never disappoints. There are a few intermediate (blue) sections, but always an easy (green) alternative to any technical challenges. 30% Forestry Road/70% Single Track (green and blue)

18km Forestry Road Trail

If chilled out forestry roads are your thing, the 18km is a pleasant ride that has no hard technical features at all. The emphasis is nice views with a good work out. Dirt roadies delight!

100% Forestry Road


The Supa20 has a good mixture of climbing, forestry road and technical features. It encompasses a wide range of areas, and offers an interesting ride which can be real work out when ridden at pace. While there is plenty of single track, much of it is easy (green) with intermediate features (blue) that always have easy alternatives.

30% Forestry Road/70% Single Track

30 and 37km Outback Trails

The 30km Outback Trail leads riders out through a mixture of easy and intermediate single track and farm lands out to the base of Campbells Gate. A stunning climb up into the hills on a winding clay road takes riders up to the awesome descent known as Rene’s Rumble. There is an optional extra 7km loop to ride if one follows the signs for the 37km, and it circulates riders back onto the 30km trail. Important to note – you won’t miss any of the good stuff if you tackle the extra 7km. These trails require a good level of fitness and have a mixture of easy (green) and intermediate (blue) single track, but there are always easy (green) alternatives so riders of any level can enjoy them. There are a few black diamond (difficult) technical options, but these are clearly marked and have easy (green) alternatives. A brilliant ride that won’t disappoint.

60% Single Track/40%

5 Km Trail Run

This trail is mostly undulating with very little climbing and descending. The trail heads out along a short section of single track and brings runners parallel with the Karkloof River. Approximately half way through the run, the path drops down onto the River Riviere trail and runners return along single track close to the edge of the river. Also a lovely walk. Easy.

10 Km Trail Run

The 10Km is a seriously fun trail, taking runners out along the main mountain biking exit single track, and heading out to the South-East. Runners are treated to the gradually descending and beautifully winding Boogaloo trail, and head back under the main road towards the Karkloof River. Single track brings runners back to the club via the Heaven trail. Moderate, with some fun features.

20 Km Trail Run

The 20km is for the fit and adventure seeking runners. Heading out along single track, runners are directed in a slightly different direction on a separate trail out into the South-East of the network. This section introduces some technical terrain with rocks, single track and features to keep runners awake. Once back under the Karkloof Road, runners have a break from single track along forestry road, before joining into the popular Supa20 mountain bike trail bringing runners out at the Karkloof Falls. Runners get a slightly different return route to the Karkloof Club with a climb up to further single track, and a peaceful home stretch along the Karkloof River.